Clinical Skills at Convention

Get Hands-On at AMSA Convention!



Here it is – your chance to practice the clinical skills you need to succeed, without worrying about making an error or getting a grade.  AMSA’s clinical skills workshops are designed to help both premed and med students learn in a safe, supportive environment.  

At AMSA’s Convention, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following sessions:

Airway Management

Even the most skilled clinicians can struggle with this procedure.  Participate in a session designed to improve your effectiveness with equipment, oxygenation and ventilation.

Mastering Handoffs

It’s been estimated that more than 75% of serious medical errors are the result of miscommunication. The majority of residents state they do not feel adequately prepared during care transitions.  This session will include a review of specific cases and help eliminate the potential for guesswork.  Practice decision making that results in decreased errors and increased confidence.  

Manual Vacuum Aspiration

This session provides an uncommon opportunity to practice early abortion and miscarriage management simulation.  Using papayas as uterine models, students will have the opportunity practice aspiration in small groups.

Orthopedic Surgery Techniques

Participants of this session will have the chance to practice with bone saws and screws, and understand what it takes to succeed as an orthopedic surgeon.


Practice loading needles, opening and closing the needle driver, tie knots, and perfect that stitch.  Your future patients will thank you for mastering technique.