Event Highlights

Advocacy Day


Army Tours




Med Student Jeopardy


Join us on Capitol Hill for a rally and meetings with your elected officials.  Our theme this year will be Future Physicians For Women’s Healthcare Access–here in the US and around the world! Sign up today to experience rallying in front of the capitol and meeting with your official on capitol hill!


The US Army is offering two tours for AMSA’s convention attendees – at no cost and transportation is provided. Medical students are invited to tour the newest military community hospital in the area dedicated to a Culture of Excellence: Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.  Premedical students are invited to the nation’s state-of-the-art virtual medical environment, the Val G. Henning Simulation Center. Space is limited, so sign up today!


A round robin style professional development mixer and networking event. We have created a new space for creative thinking, idea sharing, and relationship building. We’ve got 7 stations, 2 hours, and an exclusive event for med students looking for inspiration, connection, and meaning.


This is your chance to prove just how much you know about USMLE Board Exams with topics that include the behavioral sciences, pediatrics, and pharmacology. Impress your friends and intimidate your challengers. Carry your team to victory and claim your prize!

MCAT Jeopardy


Poster Session


Interview Like a Ninja

AMSA House of Delegates


Participate in AMSA’s MCAT Jeopardy team challenge. Prove just how much you know about basic and medical sciences, health policy and clinical care.


AMSA’s 21st Annual Project, Research, and Experience Exhibition is an opportunity for physicians-in-training to develop their skills as a professional presenter while showcasing innovative projects completed at their home institutions.


Register early for convention to be eligible for a one-on-one private mock interview for medical school entrance or residency program acceptance. This is an amazing opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

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HOD is where AMSA members debate the issues, make the amendments, and cast votes to shape AMSA’s policies. This is YOUR organization. Get involved!

Pre-Health Fair

Exhibit Hall

Clinical Skills

AMSA Story Slam


Looking to make an important connection to an admissions committee of a post baccalaureate program or medical school? Mark your calendar to be present at the Annual Pre-Health Fair. The AMSA Annual Convention is the time to make that great first impression!


A Convention favorite, the Exhibit Hall is your one-stop shop for all your needs and the tools you value most as a physician-in-training. Come, see and learn about the medical profession’s products, services and programs. Exhibiting organizations and companies may also be giving away cool prizes, too!


Expand your skills as a leader and physician. Sharpen your existing skills or learn something new in specially designed clinical sessions.


This new AMSA event is not just another open mic night – it’s a chance to tell your story.  It’s your chance to hear others, learn from others, become connected.  AMSA members may be on the same journey to becoming a physician but we know there are many different steps, and stories, within this journey.

GEICO T-Shirt Contest


The Official Convention t-shirt sponsored by GEICO will feature one of three designs and a #hashtag. Which design and #hashtag? That’s up to you!