Momentum: A Med Only Event

Exclusive Event Just For Medical Students

Saturday, April 2 * 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Register for this event soon, as space is limited.

We are excited to announce a new experience as part of the AMSA Convention, and we invite you to attend Momentum: A Med Only Event. This a round robin style professional development mixer and networking event–sponsored by Becker Professional Education & Bank of America. It isn’t just another exhibitors fair. And it isn’t just more convention programming. We have created a new space for creative thinking, idea sharing, and relationship building. We’ve got 7 stations, 2 hours, and an exclusive event for med students looking for inspiration, connection, and meaning. Each session will be 30 minutes in length and will repeat 3 times.

Momentum participants will receive up to 2 drink tickets for the networking social immediately following the event. It’s a chance to continue conversations, mingle with other med students, relax and enjoy a beverage. We will also be holding the final round of Med Student Jeopardy during the social. In addition to a drink ticket, many of the session hosts will provide you with a takeaway that will extend relevance and meaning. This is truly a can’t miss event!


Play BCSI with us! Becker Crime Scene Investigations! What, when, and how did this young camper meet an early death?
With the explosive expansion of forensic medicine and its popularity in the media, discover how medical science interfaces with justice. Working in groups, you’ll be given partial clues to the case, including clues that will push you beyond the comfort zone of your classic medical knowledge…but with access to your tablets/smartphones and computers, you will work with your colleagues to bring a solved piece of the puzzle to the table and build a Forensic Case together.

Speed Interviewing for Residency Success!
Getting into the residency of choice is no easy task! Your ability to communicate effectively is paramount to successfully gaining entry to your top pick! Just like the concept of speed dating, Speed Interviewing provides you with a quick experience to learn from decision-makers in the field and further network afterward during the Momentum reception. Speed Interviewing provides you with an opportunity to engage a variety of graduate medical education professionals across various specialties to advance professionalism and their career preparedness.

Attention Med Students: One Day, You Are Going To Be Sued.
Nearly all medical practitioners and hospital systems face legal action at some point, either individually or as part of a collective action. Providing quality care is of course the first and obvious barrier to litigation. But in today’s world, that is not enough. While it is unlikely that you can avoid the legal system entirely, there are things you can do. This workshop is a great opportunity to start thinking about how you can minimize your risk and keep yourself protected. Facilitated by Dr. Mark Swerdloff, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and an experienced expert witness.

“The Doctor will FaceTime You Now.”
Health care is finally moving into the digital, “Web 2.0” age. Why should patients be made to sit in the waiting room of a clinic, when video visit might be all that’s needed? Think about the potential of patients acting as co-authors of their electronic medical records, accessible anywhere, anytime! Believe it – the future is NOW! Join this fascinating demonstration of one healthcare system’s technological innovations to support patient care, and discuss how emerging technology is impacting daily workflow and medical practice.

“Buy a Feature” Learning Innovation Game
Play a game and share your honest opinions and insights on how you learn in today’s information-overload world. You’ll be given a list of proposed features/tools/resources and a cost associated with each. You’ll be asked to buy a desirable feature or features. You might decide in your team to pool resources to buy features too expensive to be purchased with individual funds. The game challenges you to prioritize your needs/wants and work collaboratively while managing limited resources. You’ll learn what is most important to you and your peers. Have fun will helping to shape the future of medical education.

MD/DO – Does the “D” Stand for “Debt?”
Participate in this workshop to better understand the convoluted world of student loan repayment. With the average student owing approximately $220k upon exiting med school, loan repayment has become a major point of pain for trainees just starting their careers. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies which can alleviate this burden. The first half of the workshop will focus on the merits/considerations of federal loan repayment (IBR, PAYE, Consolidation, Public Service Loan Forgiveness), and the second half will delve into the alternative of loan refinancing with a private lender.

Are You Two-Faced?
Each year of medical school, students face unique challenges and opportunities. And in the face of these challenges, they often feel like they face them alone, because the culture of medicine has made it difficult to talk about fears and worry, limitations and mistakes. Perhaps no greater source of concern is the clinical experience of the third and fourth year rotations. Will I be yelled at during my Surgery rotation? How will I be able to remember everything on Internal Medicine? Will I finally be revealed as not smart enough to be a doctor? All of these fears and doubts are part of the Impostor Syndrome, which nearly all medical students suffer from at one point or another in their training. This session will be an interactive conversation and creative exercise about our fears of being “found out,” of being exposed as a fraud, an impostor, a fake. Focusing on the experiences of the clinical rotations, we’ll look at the masks we put on to convince our patients, our teachers, our classmates, and ourselves that we know what we’re talking about. And we’ll talk about how we can support each other to build the courage to take off the masks and embrace an authenticity in our roles as physicians-in-training.

Thank You to our Sponsors!

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