Event Highlights

Event Highlights

FutureHealth: Innovation Round Tables

Did you know that women are almost 50% more likely than men to sustain injuries in motor vehicle accidents? This is just one example of the relationship between sex, gender, and product development. Be it the shape of car seats or the approach to disease prevention, Saralyn Mark, MD, physician advisor to NASA, is working with med students and scholars across the country to develop healthcare innovations that will improve safety and quality of life. Take part in the round table exercise to brainstorm products, programs, or services that can improve precision medicine and health promotion strategies.

Interview Like A Ninja

This is your chance for a one-on-one 20-minute consultation where you will participate in a mock interview for either medical school admissions or residency program acceptance. Your Ninja session will be led by medical school and residency program advisors who will help you refine your message and strengthen your interview skills so that you Nail It! Just like a Ninja would. Ninja Sessions will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2018.  Stay tuned on how to sign up for your one-on-one consultation!

Human Trafficking Identification

Participants will receive initial training in professional standards for use in the identification of human trafficking victims. You’ll learn techniques to establish trust with these patients, and practice interviewing techniques for use when you believe your patient is at risk.

Pre-Release Screening: "Do No Harm"

This documentary on suicide in the medical student and physician community was produced by one of our keynote speakers, Robyn Symon. Set aside time Friday night to watch this powerful film, which explores the toxicity within the medical culture, and the pressing need for true commitment to physician wellness. See here for more information about this film.

Simulation Task Trainers

This year’s clinical skill-building sessions are second to none! Learn and recognize various heart and lung sounds, explore acute care stations, and review donning/doffing protocols. Perfect those suturing, airway management, and ultrasound techniques, and practice tourniquet application. Participants will also gain basic OR orientation, including instrumentation and sterile field review. And more to come!