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AMSACon Poster Exhibition | 27th Annual


Some juicy FAQs


Categories for submission

You can submit one or more abstracts in any of the following categories — these are the categories for judging and awarding. 


Advocacy, Grassroots, and Policy projects

These projects put our vision for social change and AMSA values into action by showcasing how medical trainees engage elected officials and decision makers. No matter the specific issue, showcase your work in your community organizing for the change you want to see become reality in the future of healthcare.


Community development and service projects

These projects deal with experiences related to educating and contributing to the local patient community by improving access to resources and increasing the quality of the life.


Curriculum development and educational projects

These projects focus on the development of education interventions, curricular innovations, and novel applications of technology to the learning process in medical education.


Patient-oriented and epidemiology projects

These projects focus on clinical patient-oriented and population-based research. Case reports and studies are accepted on a limited basis.


Basic and translational science projects

These projects include research focused on natural sciences and laboratory bench-top research, as well as how basic science innovation seeks to improve human health and well-being.


Reproductive Justice and Abortion-related projects

These projects will focus on issues related to abortion care, including access, coverage, or direct provision. They can describe abortion-related research, advocacy efforts, or community service. Note! Participants submitting in this category can be eligible to have all Convention-related expenses covered through AMSA’s Reproductive Health Project. Learn more and apply for a Convention scholarship here.


AMSA Academy Scholars Programs and Institutes participant projects

The abstracts for these projects should be submitted in the appropriate categories listed above. In the abstract submission form, you’ll be able to indicate which of the Scholars Programs or Institutes you participated in. Projects associated with a Scholars Program or Institute will be designated as such in the Abstract Program.


Chapter activities

Share what your chapter has been doing, the motivation for initiatives, and the accomplishments you’ve enjoyed. This is a great way to promote your chapter and connect with like-minded influencers and other chapters across the country and globe.

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