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Premed Event Highlights

Premedical Student Highlights

Attend the Pre-Health Fair

Looking to make an important connection to an admissions committee of a post baccalaureate program or medical school? Mark your calendar to be present at the 21st Annual Pre-Health Fair at Convention. There’s nowhere better to make that great first impression!

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Saturday, March 9, 2019 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm


At the 2019 AMSA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., Hyatt Regency Crystal City / Regency Ballroom


Talk to representatives from medical school & post-baccalaureate programs. Make some connections, learn something valuable, and maybe find that perfect program!


We welcome and encourage all of our Premed Convention attendees who want to learn more about these programs to attend.

Participating Schools and Organizations

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Sign Up for MCAT Jeopardy

Nobody likes a know-it-all, unless you’re competing in MCAT Jeopardy! Let the competition begin. Show what you know, impress your friends, and intimidate your challengers by responding to prompts  related to biological, physical and social sciences, test strategies, and med school admissions. This is a Jeopardy-style challenge, so make sure your responses are in the form of a question!  Carry your team to victory and claim your prize …if only the real MCAT were this much fun.

Deadline to sign up is  February 22 (limited spots available). You must be registered for Convention to participate; note your interest in participating on the registration form.

  • Teams winning preliminary rounds compete in a championship round
  • Preliminary and championship rounds will be on Saturday, March 9, starting 1:00pm and ending at 3:00pm
  • Each member of the champion team will receive a prize (TBA)

Team Terms

  • For those not signing up as a group, AMSA will create/assign teams of 3-4 players based on sign-up date.
  • All players must register individually for the competition and the AMSA Convention.
  • MCAT Jeopardy is open to premed, post-bacc, and grad students only.
  • Teams may be composed of players from the same or different schools.