Advocacy Day

Participate in Advocacy Day

Thursday, March 7, 2019

AMSA is committed to developing medical-trainee activists that use their voices to challenge the status quo and advocate for policies that provide our patients with better health outcomes. Learn how to make a difference and join us for AMSA’s Advocacy Day on March 7, 2019! Train to meet with legislators and Congressional aides, then visit your elected officials’ offices.

What issues will we be advocating for?

For Advocacy Day 2019, AMSA activists will be heading to Capitol Hill to advocate for policy solutions that will improve the safety of our communities and provide access to affordable care and medications. Participants will have the option to receive training on one of the following issues:*

Gun Violence Prevention

Physicians-in-training are extremely concerned of the alarming rates of gun-related injuries and tragedies in our communities. It is crucial that we implement measures that address this public health crisis. Unfortunately, the lack of appropriated funding for the CDC severely limits our knowledge of evidence-based solutions. We must ensure that the CDC has sufficient funding to further investigate this issue and promote firearm safety.

Medicare for All and Affordable Meds

Access to comprehensive health care is a basic human right; yet, millions of Americans remain uninsured or are left with large bills from excessive health care and drug costs. AMSA has a long history advocating for universal health care and lower drug prices and this year will be no different. We will continue to push our elected officials to put patients before profits—it is time that we offer health care for all!

*Please note that with the new Congress taking office in January, we anticipate movement on all of these issues. The specific legislative priorities will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks.

What can I expect during Advocacy Day?

The schedule for the day is busy and we aim to prepare you as much as possible. Morning training will be conducted at the AMSA Convention Hotel, the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City. Attendees will depart for Capitol Hill just before lunch in order to eat on their own and arrive at their legislative appointments on time. A limited number of metro cards with preloaded fare will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will conduct afternoon visits to the offices of your elected officials after morning training. Based on the information you provide during registration, AMSA will schedule a visit with legislators and/or their staffers for your team on Thursday afternoon, March 7. This appointment information will be provided to you. AMSA will provide issue background information, talking points, and short fact page leave behinds–all of which will be available prior to your arrival to Capitol Hill. You are expected to attend all of your afternoon scheduled appointments with elected officials’ offices, and please arrive on time to be respectful of Congressional staff calendars. Any schedule changes should be communicated immediately and directly to AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow at [email protected].

Will there be training?

AMSA understands for many medical trainees that our Advocacy Day will be your first experience meeting with an elected official’s office. We will have online learning resources to help you prepare, including basic information and background on the bill we will be advocating for. The morning of Advocacy Day is all dedicated to providing in-person training geared toward medical trainees to help prepare you as best we can. We have AMSA leaders who are experienced and ready to help you learn this important skill for physicians. Afternoon appointments with your elected officials’ offices will be set up for you.

How do I register?

You will register for Advocacy Day as a part of your Convention registration.

Questions? Please contact AMSA’s Education & Advocacy Fellow at [email protected] with further questions or for more information.