Advocacy Day

Participate in Advocacy Day

Thursday, March 9, 2018

Preliminary Agenda:  (subject to change)

9:30am – 12:00pm: Welcome and Introductions / Advocacy 101

12 noon – 12:45pm: Lunch


1:00pm – 4:00pm: Visits with Representative and Senate Offices

4:00pm – 5:00pm: Travel back to hotel for debriefing and socializing

You are more than welcome to attend just the Rally or join us on the hill for visits!

Become an Advocate!

Being a physician means advocating for your patients and community to improve, not just healthcare, but society, towards a more equitable, safe, and healthy future. Your voice as a future physician matters a great deal! This is your chance to use your influence as a physician in training and as a constituent to make real change and your opportunity to adopt lifelong advocacy skills.

Join us for Advocacy Day at the 2018 AMSA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. to raise your voice and meet with your Representative and/or Senator on Capitol Hill!

What issues will we be advocating for?

Coming Soon!

AMSA believes in improving the future of medicine for the good of everyone. Everyone deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare. As future physicians, we are obligated to be a part of this conversation. With this in mind, we are advocating for multiple topics this year. We will educate officials on our issues as well as the bills surrounding them. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email the Education & Advocacy Fellow, Dr. Daniel Gouger, at!

What can I expect during Advocacy Day?

Visits to your elected officials office will be conducted in teams of at least two AMSA members. Based on the information you provide during registration, AMSA will schedule a visit with legislators and/or their staffers for your team on Thursday afternoon, March 8. Registered participants will receive a confirmation email, closer to the date, detailing your team and your appointment(s) as well as information about training, the issues you will be discussing, your appointments and your legislators. AMSA will provide background information, talking points and one-page leave behinds–all of which will be available prior to your arrival.

Will there be training?

AMSA wants to help prepare you as best we can for these meetings. We will have a web page available prior to your arrival that includes resources to help you prepare including basic information on meeting with elected officials, basic background on legislation, background on each of the bills we will be advocating for, and further logistics information for the day itself. Before you depart for your meetings, AMSA will be hosting an in-person training on effective ways to encourage the legislature to make the changes you want to see to U.S. policy. AMSA will help you to connect with your Representative or Senator. You just need to sign up and be ready to educate and advocate!

Become an AMSA Advocacy Liaison!

The Advocacy Liaison position is for students planning to come to Advocacy Day who would like to take on an additional leadership role. Liaisons will meet virtually in January for an online webinar and discussion followed by a visit in their home district to prepare them for Advocacy Day. As a liaison, you will work closely with the EAF to make sure the event runs smoothly and meetings go as planned. They will then be available on advocate day itself to help new advocates tackle their first advocacy experience and to step in when needed to offer additional support. Please note: you do not need prior experience to become an Advocacy Liaison.

You can become an Advocacy Liaison by indicating so on your registration for advocacy day.  You will be contacted by the Education and Advocacy Fellow in early January about future sessions and preparation. AMSA Advocacy Liaisons will receive a special $179 registration rate (after refund). Once you have completed your duties as an Advocacy Liaison, you will be refunded any amount you paid over $179.

Deadline: Monday, January 29, 2018

How do I register?

You will register for advocacy day as a part of your national convention registration.


Please contact Dr. Daniel H. Gouger at with further questions or for more information.