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Advocacy Day

Participate in Advocacy Day

Join us as we advocate for important topics with our elected officials. Receive training from key experts in public health and advocacy to ensure that our voices are heard as the next generation of physicians!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Training Session on February 13 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm ET. See the precon schedule here.

During this year’s Advocacy Day on March 8, 2021, join our Wellness and Student Life, Health Policy, and Environmental Health Action Committees as we:

  • Protect our healthcare workers
  • Strengthen our healthcare system
  • Fight for our climate

How do I register?

You will register for Advocacy Day as a part of your Convention registration. You must register by Friday, February 26, 2021 at 11:59pm ET to have a scheduled meeting with your representative.

What will I gain from this?

Whether this is your first legislative visit or you’re a pro, expressing your voice to your elected officials isn’t just an important practice in democracy – it’s a chance for you to advocate for the issues you care about. On Advocacy Day, we prepare a constructive, well-structured space to do just that! We take away the barriers that normally exist between you and your elected officials, so that you can just focus on the issues at hand.

As future physicians, advocating for our patients and communities is a responsibility that we should exercise throughout our careers. The power and the privilege that comes from donning our white coats gives us a unique opportunity to influence policymakers. Since health policy is so broad, our work doesn’t stop here–having relationships with the offices of our elected officials throughout our training and our careers will help to advance the issues we care about. So let’s get started!

How can I prepare?

AMSA understands that our Advocacy Day may be your first experience meeting with an elected official’s office. The schedule for the day is busy and we aim to prepare you as much as possible.

That’s why on February 13, 2021 from 12-1:30pm ET we’ll be providing you with training on the three key issues we’ll be tackling on Advocacy Day. You’ll also come away with best tips and practices for speaking to elected officials. Join us to learn more about the ins and outs of legislative advocacy – if you want to come really prepared, you can take a look at our Legislative Advocacy: What It Takes to Make Change event from December, 2020.

As we approach the big day, we will send you background on the specific bills we will be advocating for. Our AMSA National Leaders will be on stand-by on Advocacy Day to help you navigate your conversations with your Senators and Representatives. Afternoon appointments with your elected officials’ offices will be set up for you and a team of other students from your home state.

What can I expect during Advocacy Day?

Based on the information that you provide during registration, AMSA will schedule virtual meetings with legislators and/or their staffers for you and a team of fellow students on Monday afternoon, March 8. This appointment information will be provided to you. AMSA will provide issue background information, talking points, and short fact page leave behinds–all of which will be available prior to your scheduled meeting. You are expected to attend all of your afternoon scheduled appointments with elected officials’ offices, and please arrive on time to be respectful of Congressional staff calendars. Any schedule changes should be communicated immediately and directly to AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow at eaf@amsa.org.

Questions? Please contact AMSA’s Education & Advocacy Fellow at eaf@amsa.org with further questions or for more information.

Special Thanks to our Advocacy Day Sponsor

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