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House of Delegates & National Elections

House of Delegates & National Elections

The House of Delegates (HOD) is truly where AMSA’s members take ownership of the Association. As AMSA’s official policy-making body, the HOD allows representatives from each local medical chapter to meet once a year at the Annual Convention to vote on AMSA’s policies and to elect our national officers. The HOD is open to all members of AMSA to speak and vote. You, AMSA’s members, debate the issues, make the amendments and cast the votes to shape AMSA’s policies. Most importantly, any member of AMSA has the ability to write and submit resolutions to the HOD. We encourage everyone to submit and debate resolutions, or run for a national leadership position.

Submit a Resolution

Learn about the resolution process and submit a resolution for consideration by the House of Delegates.

Serve on a Committee

Three committees ensure the smooth functioning of the HOD and national officer elections: the Reference, Nominations and Credentials Committees.

Represent Your School

Our delegates are our policy makers: they vote on the policies that define what AMSA is and what it stands for. Apply to be part of the medical or premedical delegation.

How AMSA Makes Policy

Learn more about how AMSA policy through the House of Delegates at Convention and how you can get involved.

National Leadership Opportunities

AMSA’s Annual Convention offers each member the chance to become more involved in the organization.

View the Candidates

We will list the current candidates for HOD/National Elections as they become available.