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Request Funding


Want to attend AMSACon 2023?
Your school may fund your way.

Medical schools can be willing to fund your trip to convention, as it relates to professional and personal development to become well-rounded physicians. Appeal to the Dean or Student Government Association on your campus to request funding.

These opportunities can be of particular interest to schools:

  • Poster sessions: presenting and promoting our own research
  • Career preparation: interview tips, specialty tabling, CV support
    Advocacy training: how to make change, find your voice, lead.


Below is a sample letter you are free to cut, paste + customize—and your school may help pay your way!

Insert Date

Dear Insert Name,

I am writing to ask for your support in my professional and personal development. I’m interested in attending the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Convention in Phoenix, AZ, June 15-17, 2023. This annual forum is where medical students connect with physicians, educators and activists to receive training and education in advocacy, communications and many of the “real world” skills needed to become a well-rounded physician today.

Particularly, I’m interested in attending AMSA Convention ‘23 in order to (list all that apply to you):

  • Learn to advocate for improved health care systems and policies
  • Share my research in a poster session
  • Learn from physicians about their specific fields
  • Grow my personal and professional skills
  • Network with physicians and organizations in my specific field of focus

Would you be willing to support my expenses there in the name of my personal and professional development? My ask is for the school to cover (insert amount) that will go towards my travel costs and ticket.

If you’d like to learn more about AMSA or its convention, please visit amsa.org. I will follow up in a few days to ensure this letter found you. Thank you for your consideration.

Your name.